Sunday, October 23, 2011

Medicine - 1

Subject of course to much is the pencil drawing that I've transfered to water colour paper this evening ( I prefere 300lb cold pressed watercolour paper to work on) the figures you see here are 100% of my own creation and will form the basis of a (as usual) enigmatic and symbolic composisition. I have many details to iron out, such as the nurse holding a spoon full of medicine to the Cello girl's'll also notice the Mad Vicar is pinching the girl's nose too! his hand is visible behind the Nurse's present he is holding the floating orb from the earlier picture 'Tables'. The Cello girl will possibly be holding the neck of her cello...behind her will be a queue of other Cello Girls all awaiting their medicine. I am planning 5 Cello girls in all.

At time of posting, the above description is of course open to radical change and interpretation and will mean different things to different people. what will you find in it?...Time will tell. Welcome to the begining of what I hope will be a far quicker piece of work than the one that came before!