Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sketch book...ideas...nurse!

Well...after the absolute anti climax that was 'Teatime', I've set about refining the already advanced ideas for my next piece. Like I said before..I'm going for a smaller picture. My sketches so far have brought me to the stage of needing to find the right resource for a nurse who will be giving medicine. I trained as a nurse back in the early 1980's and like the idea of using that theme in my picture. It always used to amuse me that when I told people that I was a nurse, they'd often ask.."What!..a male nurse?!" 

Anyway...for this picture I'm using my profile...I took this photo on my phone.this will be the basis for my nurse....I'll call her Doris! i wanted a sort of haughty sort of an this was the one I settled on.

Below, I've used the photo as a basis for my pencil sketch...a bit of tweaking , hair and a hat and nurse Doris is born!
 I need a face for the next figure...yes , it's the Mad Vicar yet again!! I originally drew this face as the basis of the violinist in 'Quintadagio' I dug out this sketch...but I didn't want the raised eyebrow.  so worked on a sketch without it.

Below I've used my nurse and mad vicar sketches and combined them. the idea is progressing quite nicely....but the Mad vicar looks to muscular...he needs to be much much older and wizened. So that will be part of my job tomorrow...and of course...the rest of the scenario!