Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sketch book...ideas...nurse! pics..but very excited!

Below is a picture painted by one of my favourite artists. Paul Delvaux was considered a surrealist..which he didn't recognise or accept, and considered himself inferior to fellow countryman Rene Magritte.

I chose to show this picture because I identify so strongly with Delvaux's recurring themes..the reverence and esteem in which he regards woman...the dignity he regards education and learning...the heroism he regards exploration and engineering development and the pioneers who designed and built the great railways of the world which we now regard with almost resignation that be part of our environment and landscape.

I too have recurring themes similar to this...however I'm not a painter..but I can bask in the moonlit blues and dreamlike landscapes that Delvaux produced knowing that on face value, they are odd, slightly disturbing works whilst simultaneously being peaceful and full of  symbolism...characters and locations..that draw the eye and imagination to question and wonder.

Painted in the year of my is one of a series of railway and academia themed works which represents the female nude as pure and dreamlike despite the stayed formality of the intellectuals.
As far as my work today goes...I'm very excited about my next piece...the sketches I showed you yesterday have undergone further development and I've arrived at (for me) a quite remarkable scenario which I will wait to share with you as you shall see it as it develops on the page.
I'm really looking forward to sharing that with you...very very soon!