Monday, October 31, 2011

Medicine - 4

The Cello Girl seems to be taking her medicine with stoicism...the Vicar pinches her nose..not necessarily to lessen the taste, but to cause her to open her mouth..probably against her will, but she does not seem to be fighting. Being force fed something is what this area the protagonists are The Medical world and the religious world versus the Musician/ this how 'orthodoxy' and 'normality' would have us believe or eat to make us comply/ often as artists do we actually do that?...More often than I'd care to often do we produce work that seeks approval and acceptance rather than it being from the gut and from the often do you create purely for the sake of creation/...for the need to satisfy the passionate drive within you regardless?...are you content to have the dream of expression, but stand in line too be force fed the 'Medicine; that is given to make us 'better' that will cause us to become acceptable and thus just one of the many?...ummm....I'm enjoying this line of thinking!


Devil Mood said...

So many questions....I for one would find it good to create just for the sake of creation/creativity at the moment. I need to force-create something :)

Niall young said...

I think DM, that you're on to something there...I too have to sit myself down and say " right...let's begin" sometimes...of course, like this doesn't work. I'll try again tomorrow.

Devil Mood said...

haha I know that very well!