Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Teatime - A closer look.

Here are a few close up shots which you may or may not be interested in. It was back in Early May that I began work on this piece....322 hours later, i'm fininshed...but more than that, the photo session for which I took pictures of myself for this work inspired and horrified me so much as to my appearance , that I embarked upon a regime of self improvement. Now, , 5 months later, I am over 3 stone lighter and have progressed from 20 mins of brisk walking to 6.5 miles of running on alternate evenings. I am truly 'fit' and have achieved something I never thought possible and a heritage for my next 50 years!!

'Teatime' is more than just a personal motivator for personal betterment..it is a statement of peculiarity..a surreal version of my state of being...an underlining of progression..so far.
reluctant as I've become to making interpretations of my work, I'd like to draw your attention to the stream of tea falling from the cup.....I intended ( and hopefully successfully) to depict a double helix which represents the DNA strand. I based this composition around a quote made by British pop star David 'Boy George' O'Dowd..who when asked about his sexuality and what his attitude to sex was, replied " Sex?...I'd rather have a cup of tea".

Whilst the phrase still lingers in our ears, the organic and bestial instinct within us decrees that we seek a mate of compatibility to our facets and needs....the obvious ( naked souls) are a distraction to the nurtured and refined sensibilities of our desires are revealed ( the Can can dancer exposed ) ..whilst We ( I ) can claim our interest is NOT the evelation of the erotic...it is within our DNA that we find the attraction of sexuality unavoidable.