Friday, July 20, 2012

Good, bad...Disaster and disappointment.

Now that Muse-ic is finally finished I can, or at least I was considering the next exciting step in my work. Namely the move back to full colour work. The photo below shows the work of the past three years or so ( the work remains frameless because frankly I can't afford to have them framed yet!)...many of the pieces you'll recognise...over 1000 hours of work is represented here, not to mention the many many hours of preparation/ sketching deliberation and false starts! But it's all in black and white! So today I set about seeing if my colour pens were still serviceable. Of the original eight that I've used in the past, only one of them appeared to be working properly.(one also sustained damage during it's stripping down and was only fit for the dustbin!) So I mentioned this on Face Book and got some advice, which I might have misinterpreted. This was to soak the nibs ( once stripped down ) in boiling water.

The results of which can be seen below...all the pens warped. I was so disappointed I could have cried. They are now unusable!....and my intention to return to full colour will have to wait. I will lick my wounds...I'll drink Gin...I'll listen to loud music and think about nice things...then I'll refill my black pen and see what happens!