Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Muse-ic - 38

Not sure what to write about this evening.Here in the jolly green and pleasant land that is England, we've had the wettest June since records seems to rain every day at the moment. this of course effects all manner of things. Still, my attention has other things to find distraction from...the tennis from Wimbledon is all ways the focus of my interest each year..yes I do follow coverage where possible throughout the year of the Men's and Ladies tour...but The championships in London are ( as you'll know) very special to me and the history of them continues to influence  me and their importance has been chronicled here many times.

My work today focused on the grass and nettles..slowly picking out what to highlight and what to put in shadow...whilst keeping one eye on the tennis on my little television! As always , my signature is a written in pencil which I outline with dots..the final act of any picture is to erase the lines and reveal the signature. Having completed over 140 hours, I'm confident that there are less than 100 hours to not long now!