Friday, July 06, 2012

Muse-ic - 40

I've been following closely the progress of Andy Murray through Championships at in his fifth consecutive semi-final, he beat France's Jo Wilfred Tsonga to win his place in the final...the first appearance of a British player in a Wimbledon Men's final for 84 years!...and to add an extra nice touch, Johnny Marray became the first Brit for 52 years to go through in a men's Double partnership with Denmark's Freddy Nielson to the final... Of course Britain had a Women's champion in 1977 when Virginia Wade beat Betty Stove in the final which I remember watching with obvious glee! So it's a wonder I managed to fit any work in on this today!! But I have...and managed to fit a visit in to the Opticians for an eye test too !


Devil Mood said...

84 years, what a staggering stat!
Happy for you, hope the final is a good one. I only caught a little bit of today's matches. I've been slacking on my tennis, I'm afraid.