Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sinodd - 1

 I make no apologies for the title...a middle English spelling (plus an extra 'd') of Synod which as you might know is the name given to a governing body with in the church made up of clergy, usually Bishops or regional leaders. Since there's something odd going on in my picture which may or may not be to do with sin , hypocrisy , corruption etc with in the church....make up your own mind, the title kind of suggested itself ! Either way, I like playing with titles for my work which suggests double entendres or added emphasis....again, you decide!

Above you can see two drawings...on the left is the sketch I showed you yesterday and on the right is the tracing I made from it. Below you can see the tracing on the left and the transferred pencil work on the paper...a little refinement is made to the hands and the dimensions of the chalice...tomorrow I shall begin dotting,,,,,I've decided to continue in monochrome for this piece as it is slightly too ambitious for my rusty colour skills...I have something else a little simpler which I'll work on for my return to colour!


Devil Mood said...

No apologies necessary but thank you for explaning because I wasn't quite sure what it meant!