Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Muse-ic - 37

My decision to include swarms of caterpillars ( if you look carefully you will see the pencilled sketches in preparation) is a calculated one. These are the larvae of the Peacock Butterfly. the Nettle is the favourite plant for them. Why the peacock?...well long time followers of my work will know that they feature regularly as decoration, usually as the clips on Cello girl's stocking suspenders or as other decoration ....apart from the very beautiful and colourful appearance of the Peacock butterfly..the obvious symbolic reference to the fleeting nature of beauty being at one fragile but resilient...some people find the larvae repugnant and yet they are the natural process that gives birth to the eventual adult butterfly.
Parallels to and similes can be drawn by the viewer to the nature of beauty, perception, subjectivity and taste...you might like to view my pictures with this in mind...there is always a meaning to the inclusion of objects...characters are never complacent but perform a role...I do not usually pretend to convey a message that is for the viewer..but rather a contemplation of my own state and the nature of my experiences in comparison to past and present life by way of a developing visual vocabulary .