Thursday, August 21, 2008

Orbits - 11

Having spent time working out the other components to this composition, i was able to press on with the Daisy's ...i have decided not to go for the hazy Daisy look as I consider it to be too cliquet.You'll also notice a Bumblebee has escaped from my last picture and sneaked in here!

Today, students all over England and Wales have received their GCSE exam results...My eldest son Sam achieved seven passes and I'm extremely proud of him...I spoke to him on the phone this morning as he and the rest of my family are away for the week camping in Wales. Sam now has the grades to pursue his chosen subject at college: film making and media studies.


Devil Mood said...

I love the continuity between your works, the bees, the mean-man...
I don't know what seven passes means but if it means freedom to study whatever he likes then it's: well done Sam :)