Saturday, August 16, 2008

Paul Delvaux

OK, I'm not an art historian, I'm an artist and I'm often excited by images created by other artists...usually if you question the reason why an artist likes a particular piece you'll be told truthfully if the reason is "I wish I'd painted it".
In the case of Paul Delvaux, I see a painter i readily identify with.Repeated themes and characters..moonlit skies and clearly defined horizons with harsh metallic structures..railway Bridges and trains...severely dressed and serious old men posed alongside sensuous and classically posed female figures. the dreamlike nature of the subjects and the muted colourings do indeed make me wish I'd painted them. I hope you'll be fascinated by the surreal and fantastic world of Paul Delvaux whose biography and works can be seen here
Les Astomones 1961

Tout Les Luminiers 1962

The Sleeping Venus 1944


Devil Mood said...

Amazing atmospheres! Especially like the middle one. A bride? :)

Niall said...

DM..I like it when a picture causes one to look again..the Bride is indeed interesting..also, did you notice the parafin lamps arrayed around her?

Claudine said...

you made an excellent choise by choosing this paintings to put on your blog, inspirating, aren't they?
It makes as a Flemish very proud that you show them.
Enjoy your intense painting week Niall :)

Jonice said...

No wonder why you identify with Paul Delvaux. If you had told us you painted Tout les lumières I would have taken it for true, dear Niall!

Niall said...

Claudine...I can't believe these wonderful paintings have not been seen by ne before..they're wonderful..'re too kind, what a lovely thing to say.However, my painting skills are long neglected..something I intend to rectify someday!