Friday, August 08, 2008

Orbits - 4

Not done an awful lot of work today because I've been sitting spellbound by the sheer immensity of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games!Did you see it?...and did you see the hundreds of characters covered in little lights?...

i have a favour to ask of you know , I'm currently exhibiting two pieces of my work at the Fresh2 Art And Design exhibition in Nottingham. On the gallery's website is a blog which contains the profile of each artist taking part.At the end of the exhibition, the six most popular artists will be offered an exhibition early in the new year. What I'd be grateful for is for you to follow the link and if you feel able, leave a comment on my profile giving me your support , you might help me to win one of the six places! Whilst you are there, you will also see profiles on the other artists..there is some wonderful work for your delectation!

Thank you.


Devil Mood said...

Oh yes, that was the part that I loved the most, when they formed that bird and the girl with the kite. :) All dressed like your starman!