Saturday, August 30, 2008

Orbits - 18. Preparation for another exhibition.

There seems to be a bit of a blogging malaise affecting many of the authors I've visited recently..this happens from time to time. Fortunately I can let my pictures do the talking.But, whilst I'm here and writing, i can tell you that I've not been totally inactive..a week today will see me exhibiting at the Wirksworth Arts Festival (more later in the week about that)..but suffice it to say, i have a real challenge on my plate as to the venue.the organisers of the festival pride themselves on exhibiting artwork in unusual exhibition can only be viewed if you are lowered on a rope down into a disused mine!!(all very I safe I'm assured!). I shall be exhibiting in a very old barn. Here are two pictures showing the outside and the inside..there is no electricity and no floor as such!.. Do you think it will be ready in time?......You'd better hope so!
Here's Jan with a rather fed up looking Annie chatting to the owner. this road is the main thoroughfare for the arts exhibition in the area and will be thronged by hundreds of people during the weekend of the festival.

The current idea is to fix batons to the wall from which my pictures will electrical supply will be run in from a neighbours house and lights fixed to the beams..I also want lots of twinkly white fairy lights too! More news later in the week when I find out if my plans will work!


Devil Mood said...

Well, if it all works out, I think it'll be beautiful but really...what an extravagant bunch of organizers you have!
Tell Jan she looks about 20 in that picture :)

Bob-kat said...

Good luck with the exhibition. I like the sound of your plans and think it'll look great with the twinkly fairy lights mirroring the starmans garb :)

BTW - you get a mention over at my blog. Seems you spot on about the Queens bedroom!

Ps said...

Right now, the barn, dilapidated.
Hope it gets ready in time for the exhibition.
All the very best,Niall. i am sure it will go off really well.

rashbre said...

Fascinating to watch the evolution of the picture; I'm here via Bob-kat so I may just take a look around.

I like the picture up to '18' by the way!

Being a digital sort of person, it occurs to me (excuse any unintended sacrilege), that the style of your painting (based upon Orbit) seems to lend itself well to layers.

I suppose I'm idly thinking that creating it in PS layers gives interesting opportunities to reconfigure. I realize thats not exactly conventional, but shouldn't be a shock to someone versed in Yessongs.

Best rashbre

Niall said...

DM...Flattery will get you everywhere!..however Jan is happy telling everyone she is only 28...which means I married her when she was 3!

Bobkat...I must admit my image of the venue might sound a little 'Grottoesque'..maybe i should hire a Santa suit and charge to let people sit on my knee?

Rashbre...Welcome fellow prize winner!..please feel free to make any comments/suggestions..I'm wondering if you are refering to 'Photo shop' whehn you say 'PS'..I don't have it on my PC and have never used it. you're talking!

Three Legged Cat said...

Hi Niall, just wandered in from Bobkats place.

I remember the first year my Mum lived in Wirksworth she had a strange experience during the festival. It was a hot day, so she had left her cottage door open. She went to the kitchen to fetch a drink, came back and found a load of people in her living room looking at the pictures on her walls.

I'll look out for your exhibition this year.

rashbre said...

To clarify, I did mean Photoshop. It provides a way to create layers like the cells in a cartoon (ie background, middle, foreground, characters etc. as deep as you like).

Because you are photographing the evolving artwork, it gives possibilities to use layers and masks to mix and match the pix.

Just for fun I've snapped 'close to the edge', 'fragile' and 'circus of heaven' and cutout and layered three of their components to illustrate the way it works. here

I used PS Elements (on a mac).