Saturday, August 23, 2008

Orbits - 13

I'm sitting here..patio door open, cats lazily aromatic chicken Jalfrezi cooking in the oven..and If that isn't enough friend came to collect the Smart Car I've looked after for a week and give me a lovely bottle of red wine...and then my good friend Margret from across the road sent what can only be described as baking perfection in the shape of a cake..a marble cake to be i have an image of myself in a few hours time, slightly blurry around the edges,full of wonderful cooking and happy as a a ..very happy person....although the resemblance to a slightly inebriated beached whale will be also obvious. Thankfully there is no one to witness this excess.


Devil Mood said...

lol Niall, a happy whale :)
Sounds a fab feast of exciss, I mean, excess. I wanted to rhyme.