Thursday, August 07, 2008

Orbits - 3

I have included the Starman so many times in previous works that I feel as if i know him...well this is in fact true.I spent time in the early 1980's training as a nurse and met many people from all walks of life...most of them in bed..I've given bed baths and rectal examinations to more people than I care to mention! One elderly man stuck in my mind..He was a very sick man who was bitter and lonely...He had no relatives or friends to visit him,we would try to engage him in conversation but he snapped and complained and basically spent his time demanding all and everyone attend to his needs...he gave one the impression that the universe centered around him..Sadly he died and I couldn't help thinking how tragic it is to have no one to miss one to care.

Thus the Starman was born..I originally used him to represent all things selfish..(the stars being a pun on the universe centred upon him)..but I think he has grown..he represents that which is independent without regard for others..which in some cases can be good..witness the dogged determination some of the great discoveries and inventions of our time have been brought about by single bloodymindedness!

you are of course able to contradict these metaphores and create your own scenario..but here he is...and he'll keep popping up in the future I'm sure!


Devil Mood said...

Isn't it amazing how we sometimes meet people that are complete archetypes or cliches?
You stare at them and they act exactly like you imagine they would, exactly like any novel/song/painting/opera would describe! And you can't understand how that person doesn't see that their behaviour is so sterotyped, predictable and sad.
We all must be a bit like that to other people now that I think about it. Perhaps not. Some people seem really out of sorts, unpredictable.

Ps said...

To me, it seems like he really wasted his life--and he could have changed had he opened his mind.
May be some are indeed tainted souls.

Niall said...

DM..."Avoid clichets like the plague" as they say..but clichets are only clichets because they sum up something which is truth.You are right, there some people who fit perfectly inot those brackets.

PS...One can never say weather a life has been wasted...I STILL remeber him and his life has influenced me for the that is not a waste I guess.It's a matter of perspective.