Saturday, August 23, 2008

Party for one....(warning..contains disturbing images!!)

Hello...and welcome to a visual guide to my personal party for one.Do cats count as guests?..I dunno..but here's Tremble..she's thinking something along the lines of.."and he thinks I'm the dumb animal!"
Here's Wilba..she has a more serious outlook on life..which goes along the lines of: "I wish he'd put me down...I need to crap!"

ahhh!..Cake of cakes!...and wine!..this going to be an evening to remember!..

ooooo!Can you smell what the Rock is cooking?...Here's my gloriously bad for me callorie filled fat busting Chicken curry!

Now I shall take a little time for sentimentality..because once the wine kicks in, it'll add more oomph to my singing!This postcard arrived from my daughter a couple of days ago...aaarrrr!

Now folks...dinner is served.Where are the cats?..maybe it's cat curry?...

After a wonderful meal it's time to do what only the alcohol fueled man on his own can's entertainment time! what shall we listen to?

Despite my 'Yes' t-shirt, there is only one band you can turn to at a time like this:...QUEEN!

My daughter Annie thinks that whilst the family is away, all I do is play Air Guitar in my here's the proof...."hammer to falllllllll!"

And this is me paying homage to the great Freddy Mercury...with a hair brush!(Tremble is sitting close by looking forward to the moment I collapse unconscious)

Well that's it...the wine has gone..and Freddy has drifted back to rock god heaven...

It's time to have a little sleep and dream that I'm Usain Bolt!

Good night!


Julie Schuler said...

I hope no one had to call the cops! What a scene!

Jonice said...


Sue said...

I love nights like that!

Devil Mood said...

Niall, I can't stop laughing! This is the best post ever, you're so expressive!!
I'm lost for words. That must have been a good dream! And again I love the shelves where you have your cds.

Ps said...

Annie is going to be very upset when she gets back :) Heh heh.
Atul wants to know how in the world you took those pics.
Purvi wanted to know if you really killed the cats :)

Niall said...

Julie...No cops were hurt in the making of this post.

Jonice...Really?..I thought it was all very serious stuff ;)

Sue...Party on Dude!

DM...I hope you do eventually stop causes havoc when dealing with Police/funerals/the sick and dissabled.

PS...It's amazing what you can achieve with a hand held remote control for the camera..!

Please asure Purvi that the cats are very well..!!

Tys on Ice said...

thank you....u just made me realize that i havent had one of these one man party in a long time...somehow theres no way a woman allows a man to sing drunk in his boxers in his own house....wonder why...hmmm

rock on dude...btw, i loved tht card from annie...