Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bench - 2

I'm concentration and application to my work seems to failing at the moment..I put this down to many factors, not least the fact that I've not had a holiday this year and I'm currently in a childcare routine due to Jan being off on her theatre tour.The days are getting shorter and darker and it makes me feel tired.What I really need is a good kick up the backside and a whole bucket full of fun. To this end we're having a joint birthday party this Saturday which should be good.

Yesterday was Jan's birthday,so I dusted off my culinary hat once again, spent the morning in the kitchen, and made this scrumptious chocolate cake ..I even made the Gnash chocolate icing..then added giant chocolate buttons all over. It was a success!


pink dogwood said...

I like how your bench picture is shaping up. I was watching a video on Seurat yesterday - I didn't know he died so young. Some people fit so much in such short span.

I know exactly what you are saying. When it gets dark at 5pm, the mood also start getting a bit darker.

That is a beautiful cake - I take it that it was a lot more successful than the bread pudding:)


Niall said...

PD...It is sad that Seurat only completed around 10 major works..there are hundreds of smaller pieces..drawings..paintings. I have been offered a studio to work in eventually..#It is part of my long term goals to paint..I intend to produce pictures on a large scale...perhaps not the size of The Bathers/Grand Jatte..but who knows?

Jonice said...

Happy new year to Jan!
The cake looks gorgeous... it's a pity we can't have a piece of it :)

Devil Mood said...

Happy belated birthday to Jan.

Your cakes always look amazing :)

Perhaps it wouldn't be a bad idea to make summer pictures during the Winter to cheer up a little.

taralazar said...

What a lovely cake! Your artistic talents transcend all media, including chocolate!

What are the chocolate buttons? Some kind of biscuit? They look like something known as "Thin Mints" here in the U.S., a biscuit sold by the Girl Scouts. (And a family favorite here.)

Have a wonderful party! And Happy Birthday!

pink dogwood said...

Yes it is sad indeed.

I hope you do produce pictures on a large scale one day and I hope I can afford to buy one of them :)

Tys on Ice said...

that cake looks exactly like this :



wish kay from my family..

Niall said...

Jonice...It is all gone sadly!...

DM...You are right of course!

Tara...~Chocolate Buttons are just that...button sized pieces of milk chocolate...made by Cadburys.

PD...Start saving!

Tys...Wow!!amazing link...and it is totally coincidental!!

maggi said...

hey Naill,
I know m quiet late to read this post. But belated Happy birthday Jan. The cake looks YUMMYYY!!!