Sunday, November 02, 2008

More unseen

As promised, here are a few more 'unseen' findings from my vaults.This time I'll tell you a little about each one.
This is a watercolour of Jan..we were on holiday on the Isle Of Wight visiting our lovely friend Anna way back in the 8o's..I liked this pose and the colour..I drew the scene in pencil first before applying washes.
Here's a rather self indulgent self portrait..yes, i really did used to be that slim!!

Here an aborted dot picture which is yet again another self portrait. i pictured myself wearing a jumper I designed and Jan knitted ( In the days before I learned to knit!)..this would date from around 1987.

Here's a rather large drawing dating also i think from around 1987.There are large plain areas on this and it took ages and was very boring!..I try to fill the space in with detail these days!

This was an old girlfriend of mine. Ruth is pictured here in watercolour on our countryside walk in 1980. Ruth and i split up..she married a lumberjack!

Look out for more unseen as and when I dig them up!


Ps said...

LOVE your water colours..Somehow like them more than your current hyper pointillism pics.Wonder why.
Loved the one of Jan and the last one of Ruth.
How many more surprises do u have in your bag?:)

Jonice said...

It's really nice of you to bring your old pictures up to us, Niall!

pink dogwood said...

Loved the first one - you should do more water colors. Thanks for sharing.

Niall said...

Thanks all!!'s encouraging to know that you like them.I have tried watercolour recently and made a right's a disciplin which i've grown out of, but it's also one that you can relearn.Perhaps i shall give it another go!

rashbre said...

Very fine picture.