Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bench - 6 Top Artists Directory, Artist of the week!

Today I managed to buckle down to some serious colourising...lots of yellow ochre and and blue. I must admit, the picture up until now was looking fairly bleak, but I've begun to achieve the effect the late autumn sun has when streaming through the remnants of yellowed leaves and wet ground.

One rather pleasantly surprising bit of news was broke to me today by Kim who runs The Top Artists Directory. I am their featured artist of the week. So if you fancy checking out my work there, you'll also be able to access the works of many other talented and gifted artists from around the world....and if you're visiting here for the first time via Kim's site, then welcome, please take time to look around and I'll try to answer any questions you may have. Also please take time to look at my selection 'Finished Pictures' from the past couple of years.


Judith HeartSong said...

Lovely work, I came here via TAD... congratulations on the feature. Where can I learn more about your medium?

Very best to you,


pink dogwood said...


I love the bench picture (more than the balcony I think).

Sue said...

Congratulations on being featured!

I love this one too. :)

Kim said...

thanks for the mention Niall...:)
this work is looking exquisite!!!

*waves* @ Judith :)

Devil Mood said...

Oh great news!!
It's wonderful to see your work recognised.
On other notes, I'm loving the light coming into the picture with the colours.

Meira said...

Wonderful work :)
Came here (via Preeti's blog) to wish you a very Happy Birthday.
Many many happy returns of the day.

--xh-- said...

I am so happy that i got your link from PS' blog. Wishing you a Happy b'day...

Congratulations on being the the artist of the month. The sketch is amazing... :)

Prats said...

Its been a while since I visited your blog...

But i'm glad i've come over on your special day to wish you
the most wonderful life ahead on this Birthday...

Suresh Kumar said...

Coming from PS's blog. Wishing you a life filled with health and prosperity on this occasion of your birthday.

Your drawing: Makes me sit over there with my arms around her on a silent evening.

Varun said...

Simply Beautiful! Came here via Preeti's blog.

Happy Birthday and many Happy returns of the Day! Have a wonderful day and a great year ahead!

Ps said...

You deserve all of it and More!
Sending you lots of wishes.

Niall said...

Judith...Welcome!I can recomment firstly!..I don't know of anyone else who uses this tecnique exclusively. The blog of Ascenderarisesabove (see blog link section) features some black and white examples, and i'm aware of an English artist who has a web address showing various 'Poinitllist' drawings...he has never responded to my emails and does not update his site.To learn more about the technique involving paint..look up the work of Geaoges Seurat!

Pink dogwood...there is more of a sense of light and air in this one...thank you!

Sue..It's always an honour when I find my work complimented in such a way!

Kim...Thank you for featuring my work!!

DM...This technique is well suited to the depiction of light!I'm glad you like it!

Meira...Welcome!..thank you for the greeting.

XH...Welcome to you too!

Prats...Hello again, lovely to hear from you..I often notice your comments on Preeti's blog..I must visit your blog again too...!

Suresh...I believe art should affect the viewer..if it makes you relaxed and peaceful, what better result could I ask for?...Welcome and thank you for visiting!

Varun..Preeti has been responsible for quite a few people discovering my work..she is a diamond! I hope you are able to return again soon to these pages!

PS... :-)