Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Kay - 6

I've not got very far to go on this one now....I'm currently on the most boring section which is the chair arm nearest ..I'm putting a layer of red down, then green, then light blue and finally yellow ochre....I then have a few little extra bits to add in which will have a story to tell!

Today I've been doing a little more role play.I was at our local 'Super Hospital' which was actually the place i was born in!I had to play the role of a Father whose daughter had developed mental health problems..a lovely actress called Hazel played my daughter...we had to act out our roles in front of an audience of medical students...we were interviewed by some of then (one at a time). Hazel played the role so convincingly with tears and emotion. i had to be overbearing and interrupt my daughters answers...the scenario was supposed to cause the medical student to gain my confidence and then ask me to leave the room so that he could interview the Daughter on her own....this eventually happened, and she was then able to reveal that she was hearing voices and could smell dead bodies in her room...all things she had not told her parents and indeed could not whilst I was in the interview.

So a big thank you to Hazel for covering over my feeble acting attempts, I'm back home resuming my original a father!


Red Soul said...

wow! I love this picture! It just says so many things I cant explain in words. and the colors in this picture are awesome.calm, quiet, soothing, yet a little disturbing.