Friday, November 07, 2008

Kay - 8..Friday morning in the Derby Arboretum.

I've finished working on the settee arm now...I have begun work on the coffee table, and then a few other bits and pieces and should have a finished picture by the end of the week end!
It was so beautifully sunny and bright this morning I just had to get down to the Derby Arboretum and see the trees in their Autumn splendour. I still have a promise of the studio and the position of official artist in residence there..when?...I don't know!I'll believe it when I get the keys in my hand!

I took quite a few other pictures this morning, but to see the whole lot, you should head on over to my Facebook page ( see link further down the page on the left ) and see the album there!


Julie Schuler said...

Very nice. All our leaves are gone here.

Sue said...

I think that tree looks Holy. It's beautiful.