Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bench - 4. Subject and portrait united

Plodding along with this one at the moment,but the good news is that I've moved a step closer to my next picture..I'm working on sketches daily and should have something up and running in the next week or so...

This weekend saw a party at our house..we decided that since Jan and my birthdays are but a week apart, we'd have a party in the middle.We invited lots of people and lots came..(To see the full series of photos from the evening, click on the Facebook panel half way down the page). But here's one I wanted to show you, Having worked on the portrait of Kay over the last couple of weeks, here she is in the flesh . Kay travelled down especially for our party and to be united with her picture.I was so nervous ...I was so worried that she wouldn't like it and be unable to say so...but she liked it! I'm hanging on to the original for the time being as I want to get a copy of made.

I'm still feeling run down but the party at the weekend was a welcome relief from the usual...and guess what..I only drank 3 glasses of wine all evening. Thus ensuring I could actually talk to my guests!


Devil Mood said...

Oh I'm glad the party went well and you enjoyed it!
Must be nice having your portrait waiting for you so unexpectedly. ;)

If I happened to drink 3 glasses of wine, I'd probably end up drooling on the floor 10 minutes later. hahaha