Friday, November 21, 2008

Bench - 7 Connections

It being the occasion of my 47th birthday today, I have not dedicated my time to my work...I have however done a little bit..a very complicated bit. I'm working on the iron fencing behind the's important to establish their lines before working on the houses in the street behind.What my drawing doesn't show here is the grandeur with which a lot of the houses were built . Originally built to house the wealthy owners of the surrounding industry including the Midland Railway and locomotive works, and Royal Crown Derby the factory of which is still on the boundary of this park. The housing has long since passed into private landlord ownership and is now a land of bedsits and small flats.
To this very day, not many people are aware that the Arboretum was THE first public park in the world and was the 'blue print' behind the development of Central Park in New York.

* can you work out the connection all these famous people have apart from the fact that all but one of them are favourites of mine despite their connection ?....that's probably fairly easy...but can you put the names to the faces?






Good luck...answers tomorrow!


Ps said...

:( don't know even a single one! Will ask a friend of mine a quizzer.
Have a GREAT birthday Niall.

Sango said...

sorry.. Dont know any of them.. will come back tomoro and get to know.. :)
Came here through Preethi's blog and must tell you i'm completely awestruck by your work.. Its beautiful.. and yes! before i forget, Here's wishing you a wonderful birthday! Hope you have a great time.. :)

Prats said...

Happy Birthday Niall...

And this is a great piece of work.

To answer the picture quiz...well i'm trying..not too sure

1. Goldie Hawn
2. Very familiar...looks more like one of the bond!!!
4. The writer- Voltaire??
5. Bjork
Methinks all of them share your they?
can't think of anything else

thunderskies said...

blog-hopped here.
Your blog is awesome !
i used to paint until a few years back. havent been able to paint since.. dont know why though. Hoping to get inspired from u and get back to it.

waiting to see the complete picture.

and a very happy birthday to u !

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

Hi Niall..
I landed on your blog after I went through Preeti's ...and I am glad I did:)
Its a wonderful piece of work...and waiting to sww the complete picture..
Couldnt guess any of the people..but I guess the last one is Bjork?
waiting to see the answers:)

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

Happy Birthday Niall:)

Sue said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Love the way the art is coming along...

The only idea I have about the connections would be a guess that they share your birthday? The first I know is Goldie Hawn... the others???

pink dogwood said...

Happy Birthday Niall :)

pink dogwood said...

Happy Birthday Niall :)

Devil Mood said...

Happy last 20 minutes of birthday!

I love the railings, I'm really enjoying this painting. I'm just like "the common people".

Wish I knew the connection, but most of all wish I knew who the odd one out is. Maybe Goldie? :/

Tys on Ice said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I only cud figure out the last picture....bjork...did i even spell it rite?

Niall said...

Preeti...Did your quiz friend have any better luck?

Sango...Great to have you here!

Prats...You get the award for the most correct answers. Number 2. She's not a 'Bond Girl' but close!..She was in 'Where Eagles Dare'

Thunderskies...Great name ! Welcome ...thank you so much for dropping by!

Santasizing...Greetings to you...welcome to Dancing For Beginners...!

Sue...Yay! You got Goldie...! :-)

Pinkdogwood...So good you had to say it twice! :-)

DM...Hi..The railings should be almost invisible when I put the background in..but if they weren't right, they'd look out of place. ..and thank you for the last 20 mins!

Tys...Yes you did spell it right..but read tomorrows post to see what her sirname is!!

Thank you to one and all for your very kind words and birthday wishes..It left me feeling very honoured with a warm glow!!