Thursday, April 09, 2009

Cello - 56

I'm pleased with the overall feel of thge picture at the moment....But there is always a contradiction in my work and my approach to it..I strive to introduce elements that are starkly true aspects of my mind and life...the contradiction here is that I hide myself from the viewer with my hat and comical red nose I feel ashamed but not concerned by the train load of people passing by with a direct view of me...perhaps they are irrelevant because the chances are I will never meet anyone from the train...and they'll never recognise me anyway. So there is an aspect of extrovert exhibitionism and coyness....there... another contradiction.....and a Bumble Bee.


Devil Mood said...

In a sense, the pictures are just like a dream, with all those unconscious and conscious elements and a completely fantasistic view of the elements you choose to include. Wow, I'm very pleased with my analysis lol