Monday, April 20, 2009

Cello - 59

First of all..if you were expecting a whole new face to 'Dancing for Beginners'...there isn't one...yet!I've been searching and have had the valuable help of Preeti which will eventually result in a new template.But until then..I've tried loading one template...then tried another...then went back and lost some of my widgets...and ended up feeling very quite useless. Still, I'm sure it will be worth it when it eventually all comes together.
You'll be very glad to see that the end is in sight (no pun intended!) for 'Cello'.This is the final section of the picture to complete. This all comes at exactly the right time as I make plans for my next exhibition in two weeks time.I am going out to gather photographic resources tomorrow and I've decided that I will produce some water colour paintings to sell. Part of the reason for changing the appearance of my blog is to launch the facility to buy prints and originals direct from my blog...but more of that another time.