Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Trees in a field.

I've been going on about my clumsy brushwork....my limitations with this media.So today I decided I'd put to use the quality that exists through my Hyperpointillist work...namely: 'Patience' and attention to detail.For today's painting I chose to depict two trees in a sparse field. using photographic reference and imagination, I produced this example.It's taken me most of the day to complete as opposed to the one and a half hours the first in this series took. I decided that even if it takes two days, I'll try to achieve something satisfying.
The result is I hope you agree, a progression over the previous pieces and indicates the level of detail and texture I'm aiming at.I draw the basic forms of the landscape and trees, then apply water colour.When dry, I pick out details with a Rotring 0.5 pencil. I'm now feeling much happier with this medium and have started looking to larger works.


Shachi said...

This is the BEST one so far - evokes a mood in me which I love :)

Good Luck with the Festival Niall!

Paulo J. Mendes said...

It's nice to follow your progression. I liked your previous works, but what a wonderful one this is!

Niall young said...

Shachi...My eldest son said something similar...so i must be doing something right!

Paulo...I'm found todays work so much more rewarding because I'm getting to grips with this technique...I just hope I can continue developing the subject matter above the technique.

Christine Farmer said...

Hi Niall, great to see you experimenting with the watercolours! I love the way you have the trees against the sky, it's beautiful. Seeing the progression in your work is most interesting! Love your blog always something new to see!

Niall young said...

Christine...I've only been doing water colours for a week now, I'm also enjoying seeing how it develops.