Monday, February 20, 2012


We were musing this morning on Facebook about what might make up a job description for someone who is creative and seeking an artist I can spend time thinking, listening to music, reading, movies/TV/ listening to the radio...libraries, name it, if it serves the requirements of stimulation for creation, it's in the job description of the artist! What comes out of the end of my pen onto the paper is a direct result of whats going on in my thoughts, my feelings, my imagination and to neglect the proper and dedicated development of these ideas is to prepare to produce inferior work that is not making the absolute best of your talent.

sometimes, like this evening, it's about having fun..playing. I had need to find some resource images for a character I'm hoping to have in my new picture. I needed specific hands and posture so got set up with my camera and it's self timer , and positioned a lamp that I would light my hands and head...below is one of the images from the series I took this might see it's origin in the sketches in a previous post...remember where you saw it and if you keep coming back, you'll see what becomes of it!

As always, the period of gestation for my work is often frustrating, but it can be can be a voyage of discoveries as sketches develop and take on a life of their own...that time is good..and that time is now!


Devil Mood said...

Wholeheartedly agree with your post! :)

Good luck with this new work.