Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Viscount Bubbles - 4.... Rest in Peace Davy Jones .

Not a lot done today...I had to do the weekly trip to the supermarket, do school runs, cook evening meal. then I took annie to her clarinet lesson this evening. On the way home I was playing 'The Monkees'..The first album by the Monkees. When I got home I headed to my work desk to put in a couple of hours dotting but heard that Davy Jones, the lead singer with the monkees had died . aged 66, he passed away today. The monkees TV show was a must see for kids my age in the late 1960's. and my memories of  those days never died as their music has always been with me. In fact I only recently bought the first five albums in their remastered form.

Rest in Peace Davy Jones 1945 - 2012.