Friday, February 03, 2012

Spoonful - 26

I'm really pleased with my work today..I spent a good amount of time working on drawing for the final Cello girl..I found a photo of a woman blowing bubbles which gave me the refference for the possition of the hands..but as for the face, I used my imagination which worked up to a point...I'm not inking it yet because I might like her to have her eyes open and turned towards the viewer...this might work as I usually like to draw you into the picture to be involved at some level...I'll see what it looks like tomorrow after a night's sleep.
It's always wonderful to hear what you think of my work..I have a small but very valuable regular readership, a couple of whom comment on a regular basis..I'm not being melodramatic when I say that I am fuelled and invigorated by such comments. From my exhibitions I know that this type of work divides opinion..basically into two categories...those who love it, which is the majority, and those who don't which thankfully is a very small minority. Since I have now stopped exhibiting, I get very little feedback on what I'm doing, so your comments are ever more valuable. Thank you to those who have and continue to comment and consequently affect the work that I do.!...