Saturday, February 25, 2012 off and favourite artists.

I don't know about you, but I have leaned from experience that I need to take a break from my artwork..sometimes I have sat for hours at my drawing table and not produced anything...that's not the break I'm talking about. what I'm referring to is a conscious self imposed day off where I do not pick up my pen...and in this case it's all the more difficult since I'm right at the start of an exciting new piece for which i am poised to start dotting. but I am strict about this and therefore today has been about watching rugby on the television, cooking pasta and reading about art and artists I really admire.

I thought I'd share with you one particular artist..well actually twin brothers who both produced some of the most amazing illustrations over a long and varied career. Tim and Greg Hildbrandt were born on 23rd January 1939 in Detroit , Michigan, USA. they were responsible for a prodigious output of posters, comic book art, science fiction book covers and pin up art. Commercial art has always been viewed as the poorer brother of fine art, but the degree of talent, vision and technical skill shown by The Brothers Hildebrandt is second to non in my opinion.

Whether you agree or not about the subject matter Tim and Greg produced, any student or observer and connoisseur or realism painting, fantasy and pin up art cannot possibly be anything other than amazed and awestruck by their work.

Tim Hildebrandt died on 11 June 2006 in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Greg was awarded the Chelsey award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement in 2010.

The official website can tell you much more than I possibly can...this can be found here.

And here is a small selection of images to wet your appetite!

 By Greg Hildebrandt
 Faramir - By Tim Hildebrandt
 Gandalf and Bilbo - by Greg Hildebrandt
 Warrior by Tim and Greg Hildebrandt

Greg Hildebrandt with his now famous movie poster artwork for Star Wars!


Devil Mood said...

I didn't know about these artists, they had a very varied style from the sample that you provided.