Monday, February 27, 2012

Viscount Bubbles - 2

 Well...I'm underway, and here are the first tentative dots applied to demark the eyes and ear. I like to work over the pencil work, then erase it before carrying on developing the tones and shadows. Below I've extended the work to establish some of the facial shadows...the pencil work has not yet been rubbed out..
 The third picture below shows further work on the ear, and the start of the Starman's star robe. the shadows on the hand will be very subtle, and will be affected by the surrounding dark I will wait until the hand is surrounded by the robes before continuing work there. It's funny, I used photographs of myself as reference material for the pose, and  the frightening thing is that some of my facial features have also managed to show's not intentional and the character is not meant to represent myself....but odd non  the less!