Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday running!

Work is coming along well on preparation for the new picture...I've nearly decided on the elements that will compose what I'm going to call 'Bubbles'. I'm looking forward to getting started on the drawing work which should begin tomorrow.
I wanted to also share with you that today I managed to run 10.06 miles! It was such a beautiful day with bright regular running routine has become a little stale of late using the same routes...I try to set goals to challenge myself and see how far I can push myself...the furthest I've run in one go so far had been 8.50 today I planned my route and resolved to run the 10 miles. The route took me out of the city into the countryside which lit up in the late afternoon sunshine was wonderful...on return home I was almost sad to have finished and luckily for me still felt I have a couple more miles of gas in the tank ...I think the next goal is to complete a half marathon course which I guess will be 13 miles!
Here's a map of my run which was created using the tools on which is a wonderful resource for planning and measuring a route just about anywhere in the world! also goes so far as to tell you how many calories you can expect to burn in your run...apparently I used 1448.5 calories today!

I love my running...when I think back to this time last year when I was over 3 stone heavier and had never run more than 2 miles in my entire life...I can only be thankful that I am able to enjoy an active and fit body...not bad for a 50 year old eh?

10 mile run

10 mile run


Shachi said...

simply awesome....way to go for half marathon!

Niall young said...

the half Marathon is my next goal..I'll work up to it slowly..perhaps in a couple of weeks.

WalkJogRun Caitlin said...

Congrats again on your 10 mile!