Thursday, March 22, 2012

Off the buffers for a day...and Thompson Twins.

Sorry no progress on 'Viscount Bubbles' today...I spent a day at a local school talking about and demonstrating Pointillism to two classes for the day. It's the same school i spent a day at last year and marks an actual occaision of money earning for me. It's always a pleasure and a revelation to see the eager and enthusiastic participation of youngsters who know how to enjoy making art before the education system and life in general beats it out of them and tells them that there are more relevant and productive means of functioning in society.

Oh, and I've been listening to some old favourites of mine recently: Thompson Twins...Here the 'song of the moment for me and a little video from some TV show or other from around 1983! See you tomorrow!


Devil Mood said...

We all need a distinct day from time to time. It sounds like fun! I quite like the song, but never heard of the band before.