Monday, March 26, 2012

Viscount Bubbles - 23

 Temperatures here in England have been unseasonably well above the average..March usually sees temps around 9c...but hovering around 20 during the day time...I went out for my run this afternoon and was able to dispense with the warmer clothing I have worn since November...I was back in T-shirt and shorts! Six miles of running in the warm sun was wonderful.

I've worked today on furthering the plant background and decided that for interest's sake, I'd start work on the second of my foxes. seeing the reduced size of the photo here enables me to see the things I have to alter..for example the ears are terrible...asymmetric to say the least...I'll sort that tomorrow!...I also think his body needs bulking up a little.

So with that , I'll bid you good evening,!