Friday, March 30, 2012

Viscount Bubbles - 26

 Today I've spread my time between work on this and planting and sowing seeds...I've wanted to replicate an arrangement I had many years ago in a previous house where I had a curtain of plants in my front room today bought a couple of troughs and pots to plant Geraniums in....I love Geraniums and their bright red blooms...I also looked for some lemon scented varieties, but the garden centre didn't stock them.

I've tried to deepen the shadows here behind the figures,,,the globe thistles ( I looked to buy some of those too but they didn't have any) needed lots of work...I think I'm getting there...or at least closer to something I'm happy with.....and in response to Devil mood's comment yesterday, I've now shown below the whole area of the composition...I admit looking at it now I'm really over half way finished!

Below is a closer look at the area I've been working on today.