Friday, March 23, 2012

Viscount Bubbles - 21

I have a real love hate attitude to foxes...there are lots of them in suburbs where I live...when i'm out running , which is usually after dark, it's rare that my path isn't crossed by foxes...they always seem to stand in the middle of the road and look at me teasing me as if to say, "well...I'm here in your neighbourhood...whaddya going to do about it?" before scurrying off and for all intents and purposes...disappear.

i often see them sneaking about at the bottom of my garden, and in the warmer months when I sit out on the patio in the growing dusk (with a drink in hand of course!) they might sit and stare at me...bristling with redness and magnificent stealthy sleekness. I have to admit that they're beautiful, built for speed and sneakeryness...

Of course when i'm on one of my rare bouts of gardening, there is that moment when you realise that you've got something on the sole of your shoe..and that stuff is incredibly crap has the tenacity of super glue...or super poo if you will!...and only a good scrubbing in water will shift it. but I wouldn't see the back of the foxes...they symbolise ( despite their scavenger's nature) the drive of nature to survive..and to survive in style..To the urban fox, it's redness and beauty is always something that is amazing..they live with and apart from  us...they are illusive whilst seemingly everywhere. I love them!


Devil Mood said...

This may be surprising but I've never seen one. The so-called urban foxes don't exist over here. The first time I realised they existed was in an eastenders episode where they showed some in the middle of the garbage. I thought: was is that?
So I guess portuguese foxes didn't dare to become urban, they're probably still there in the countryside (I hope!)