Monday, March 05, 2012

Viscount Bubbles - 9

It's something that happens very rarely, at least as far as I'm's the special spark...the ignition of an idea...inspiration that can come unlooked for and sometimes unwanted. I experienced an incidence such as this during the night last night. I'd woken after a particularly vivid dream with images swimming in my mind. I'd gone to bed normally and no, if you're thinking, I'd not had a drink!!! I lay awake pondering these images but found it impossible to get back to sleep..I wondered in fact, that if I did get back to sleep, would I still remember the images when I finally got up. There was no question really, I had to get up an get sketch pad and pencil, go downstairs and get drawing. That was at 4:00am.
I was able to sketch undisturbed and get back to bed relatively quickly happy in the certainty that at least I wouldn't forget .Now...that leaves me with a problem..having found inspiration, and a potential of 2 more months work on my current picture, do I stop work on this piece and start on my inspired piece, or do I wait until I can devote time solely to the new piece?...or do I work on sketches and planning for the new piece whilst simultaneously working on the present one.Well dear reader whatever I settle'll be able to see it here!...But oh how it's a bug bear of the artist, and my advice is, that if it happens to you..get the ideas down on paper as soon as you can.