Friday, March 16, 2012

Viscount Bubbles - 18

The aircraft pictured here is the Vickers Viscount, it was the first  four engined turbo Prop airliner to fly in service anywhere in the world. It began development as early as 1942 designed by Vickers Armstrong who had been responsible for such famous aircraft like The Wellington bomber.  As Britain's government sought to make consideration for air travel in Europe for when the war would hopefully end. The prototype aircraft flew in 1948. Deliveries of the production aircraft began in 1953 and some 459 aircraft were eventually built up until 1962.

The aircraft was significant to me mainly due to the sound it's four Rolls Royce Dart Turbo Props made. when they were newly bought to serve East Midlands Airways, they flew regularly over my childhood house with the airport being only 10 miles away, and my Brother Tim and I would rush outside to watch them fly over. To cut a long story short, they represented the aspirations of a young me, dreaming of flying...and marvelling over the terrific whine of the turbo prop engines, If you're interested..everything you ever needed or wanted to know about this classic British aircraft can be found at The Vickers Viscount Network. If I can find a good youtube clip featuring the sound that beguiled me, I'll post it!