Friday, March 02, 2012

Viscount Bubbles - 6

 It's time to work on the symbolic and fairly alike image of myself. I told you yesterday about the reason I've decided to incorporate the binoculars. I copied the drawing onto tracing paper and transferred ti on the page. however upon closer examination, I thought the overall appearance of the facial features was too i know I've gone all 'Marvel comics' with the least at this stage of the development, but I wanted more realism. So I've consulted a series of photographs from my childhood (below).
 You can see me pictured along with my brother Tim ( who'd recently undergone surgery on his hand and leg). you'll also see my mum and Dad. Tim and I have examples of model aircraft we'd built...I was always ( and still would be if I had room) a keen model maker!
 As with the Starman, I've dotted over the pencil work which I'll erase at a later stage. Below you can see the boy in relation to the Starman.
 ..and to finish today's post, here's a close up view of the boy....