Monday, July 20, 2009

Jigsaw - 50.Cromford exhibition - day three

Not a huge amount completed today...this was because I woke up with a pain in my neck...I took painkillers but it didn't spread to my head and thus spent the day residing within the spacious cavern that is my skull! I found it almost unbearable to concentrate and bending my head forward to work created about suffering for one's art!...Visitor numbers were expectedly down on the weekend's offering, but I did manage to sell three prints thus covering my costs! We were also visited by photographers from the Derby evening Telegraph. Philippa's work photographs well and Philippa herself adds glamour to the event...I also enjoyed posing with a magnifying glass with which the photographer lined up a shot which showed me working on Jigsaw, with the magnifying glass showing a closeup of my pen poised above the image.

I'm afraid physically my day declined after that as the pain increased. As I drove home later it took a supreme act of will to avoid throwing up...I therefore decided this was a 'migraine' or possibly the beginning of Swine Flu...thankfully more painkillers and a lie down at home extinguished the I still have Swine flu to look forward to!

PS...the sun shone for most of the rain!


Devil Mood said...

Oh poor you, I have migraines sometimes and it's simply impossible to be awake in that state. Sadly it's also impossible to fall asleep sometimes. lol
But I'm glad you're doing better and that the day had some good things about it!

nollyposh said...

Good luck i had the same... i think it was probably *swine* tOO! X:-o!

Jeanette said...

That didn't sound like fun at all. I'm glad the pain subsided for you.

I haven't used a magnifying glass - yet. But its a good idea. Mind you, I'm just an amateur compared to your pieces. I live and learn as I go. :)

Niall young said...

I've recently taken up using 'Varifocal' optician told me they'd take some getting used to...some people have told me they never got used to theirs...I wonder if that was the cause of my migraine.....the exhibition is in a relatively dark room with flourecent lighting...

It definately wasn't swine flu...I didn't have a temperature.