Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jigsaw - 48 - Cromford Exhibition day one.

Yes, you've guessed it,I'm back on the exhibition lark. This time it's my fourth year at the Cromford Mill in Derbyshire. This year a different room has been prepared for the gallery with a new hanging system (see yesterday)...metal clips are positioned on plastic wires..the pictures hang from these. It's not perfect as the pictures hang with a gap behind them...I've used lots of 'Blutack'
You can see here the rather haphazard way the pictures hang with this system here....

I'm sharing the gallery with Philippa Holland who is a Stained Glass artist. We live only 100 yards apart and our daughters are in the same class at school.Philippa's speciality is as you can see here, the light box...we keep the gallery lights off in this section so the light can be seen in the boxes.
Below you can see 'Jigsaw' which I will be working on during the week for visitors to see and talk to0 me about the technique. I'm hoping that the week will be successful as I've for the first time, put a number of my originals for sale. They won't sell, but then again, you never know!


nollyposh said...

Good Luck Niall! Great to sEE your work 'out there!'