Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jigsaw - 57

Here is a view of the whole's developing well along the lines I wanted...Today as yesterday, I've worked on the tree, constantly thickening the branches as I discover they're too thin for the length I've chosen.

Yesterday Devil Mood asked if I listen to music when I work. Well, it depends...I, do work best when I listen to music and (this might sound odd) but i like to listen to music that's upbeat and exciting..I personally prefer prog rock (or Dad Rock as some of you know it by!) from the likes of early Genesis, Yes,Pink Floyd etc..When i work I concentrate and sometimes I am so still and relaxed, I can fall asleep very easily if I let myself. (This is not recommended as my inks are not water proof and you know what happens when you fall asleep dribble and drool all over the place...)..and this music lifts me...excites me and helps my imagination.


Paulo J. Mendes said...

You may like this web radio
It does me a great company :)))

Shachi said...

I am loving this picture....ahh the detail into it is amazing!!!!

Christine said...

Hello Niall - loving watching the progress on your trees, I have to pop in every day to see what you're up to! I'm interested in your music choices, nice to know what you're listening to while you're working. I know where you're coming from, as I'm currently putting on Hawkwind, Space Ritual!

Keep up the fabulous work.

Devil Mood said...

I can almost see you playing with the pens to the sound of Dad rock :)
It's looking beautiful, love the tones.

Niall young said...

Paulo...Thanks..will check your link!

Shachi...I'm pleased you like it.

Christine...Ah! Hawkwind, I quite a few of their albums, I especially like 'Chronicle of The Black Sword'!

DM...Many years ago I sat in my bedroom 'Air drumming' to a piece of music...I was using two pens. When the music stopped, I opened my eyes to see ink had leaked and was splattered all over myself, my drawing and the surrounding area!!!