Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jigsaw - 49 - Cromford Exhibition day two.

Sunday is usually the busiest day at the gallery with coach parties, families and groups out for the day. Despite the heavy showers, we welcomed around 140 visitors to the gallery today. I had some lovely conversations including one with a lady who after watching me work on 'Jigsaw' asked how I managed to get the photograph of myself onto the page. I explained that I had drawn it, but she refused to accept that it was the work of my hand....and continued to ask how the photo was applied to the page...Eventually I managed to convince her that such accuracy was possible...but I'm still not sure she understood.

I'm not sure I understand myself sometimes..I often find myself telling people that do what I do out of some deep necessity...that I would die if I didn't. Perhaps I'm fooling myself, maybe I'm just too idle to do anything else. but I will tell you this...when I sit in front of my drawing board, pen in hand...all the stars lie before me...all creatures on the earth and in the depths sing in joyous announcement that there is beauty and wonderment to behold. Life is precious dear reader beyond all that we possess...and oh how we waste it with such abandonment each a sad crime. Let us love and live and be who we are now before it's too late! So here's a photo of who I am ...see you tomorrow.


Jeanette said...

Beautiful work! The detail and colours are exquisite.

Technical question? What pen do you use and nib size and what type of coloured ink?

I've just started a drawing using this technique and keep wondering if colour would have been a better choice.

Devil Mood said...

lol People are funny and you are lucky to have found that special Art of yours.
Is it me or is it always raining in this particular exhibition?

Julie Schuler said...

Happy Exhibit!

Niall young said...

Jeanette...Thank you for stopping by Jeanette.I work with Rotring Isographs with a nib of 0.25mm gauge.I use Windsor and Newton Calligraphy Inks which are not water proof (water proof inks block the pens!!!)but they are lightfast.
So you're using the technique yourself>...beware...I tried it 27 years ago and I'm still doing it!

DM...what agood memory you have...Yes, three out of the last four years have seen unseasonably wet weather...I sometimes wonder if it follows me about!

Julie...So far so good...thank you!

Jeanette said...

Thanks for the information Niall, much appreciated. I shall have to get some coloured ink and play with it. I just need to find out if its compatible with the Rapidographs that I use. I have the same nib size, but would like to go smaller still.

Yes, I'm a glutton for punishment. :)

nollyposh said...

Fab photo X:-)