Friday, July 10, 2009

Jigsaw - 42

you'd think that over the past eight weeks I'd have some idea about how I'm going to proceed with the background wouldn't you?...Well I do, but sometimes I have to be sure. Here I'm letting you into one of the secrets of my work. i like to print out a series of images so that I can try any number of different scenarios. As I wrote in the early stages of this work, the nebula is an important symbol for the overall concept, so that was decided a long time ago...I also love trains traversing the horizon, preferably on a viaduct and I love trees. The only thing to do is decide on a colour scheme and where to place this elements and leave room for other things to be added as when they occur.


Devil Mood said...

Well, I am relieved that you do that. Otherwise you would seem like a godlike artist, getting it right everytime haha :)

Jonice said...

I like reading how you work.
Have a nice weekend, Niall.

Niall young said...

DM...The slow production time and tortuous development means when I actually settle on the composition, it's usually the right's just that no one usually gets to see the rejected ideas.

Jonice...thank you..I will endevour to explain more as I go along. I hope your weekend is also agreeable!