Monday, October 18, 2010


Ok...seeing as you found yesterdays post too's a sure fire winner....Kittens! They reach four weeks old tomorrow and are beginning to venture forth from their cardboard home.

Today was fragmented due to us looking for new chairs for our sitting room ...we also had a new stairs carpet laid. There seemed to be interruptions all day, so work has not been prominent. I have however spent time working on redrawing the positions of the Tennis girl's arms and hands. Lets see if I can bring you some better development tomorrow!


Devil Mood said...

Oh they are so adorable and I'm so jealous, wish I had kittens too ;) They must be fun to observe while exploring their new world.

Anonymous said...

I want one!

Niall young said...

DM...I love the way their little back legs tremble when they venture forth from their box!

Robin...Sadly, you can't :-( I think we are keepimg the ginger one...the black one is going to my friend's son.