Sunday, October 10, 2010

The time inbetween.

Hello...I thought I'd let you know that I'm enjoying a weekend of nothing much at all.Saying that, yesterday turned out to be fairly busy in a nice way. Jan was of working in another part of the country, so I took my daughter Annie to her dance class. It is run at DEDA, which is the Derby Dance centre.Annie has been going there for a couple of years now. Dance has always been in my life as an interest mainly casually, sometimes as an activity,My Mum was a dancer and won many medals for ballroom. she was also invited to work at the famous Windmill theatre in London.Sadly her Father would not allow her to follow her dream and instead she had to earn a wage typing at a local army base in Chilwell Nottingham.(That's where she met my Dad by the way, so fate was working away to a good end!).

I love to watch 'Strictly Come Dancing (Dancing with the stars)/Dancing On Ice etc on makes my spirit soar to see someone who can dance in a way that makes it look as if they could take flight at any moment.I also enjoy ballet and burlesque...but as you know, I particularly like the exuberance and panache of the French Can can!

after the dance class, Annie and I walked into town to have lunch together.We settled for eating at the cafe on the balcony in derby's famous Market Hall.We felt very naughty as we shamelessly ordered two servings of 'Chips and cheese'!!All washed down with a steaming hot mug of tea. After that we decided that we should walk home to appease our guilt and our rather full tummies! We wandered around a few shops..I particularly like looking through the rows of DVDs and CDs in the HMV Shop. I rarely ever buy my music and movies from a shop outlet now preferring the vastly reduced prices online. But it's still special to browse the shelves.

We next called in at the Virgin Media Shop where I at last signed up for a mobile phone contract. I've always had a PAYG mobile and make very few calls. But the deal I decided on gives me unlimited Internet access with a nice little Black Berry phone! Also free calls to all Virgin mobiles.(so if you're a Virgin member in the UK, let me know and we can then chat for free!) I'm afraid my ever aging brain isn't as nimble as it was, so I spent the rest of the day trying to understand and setup the phone.I've now conquered it's more basic functions and have downloaded my favourite TV theme tune to use as a ring tone.Little success's like that please me no end!

In other news, the two little Kittie's are growing strongly and are now nearly three weeks old...must take photos to show you! I'm also planning to start sketch work on my new ideas. I've returned many times mentally to the theme of 'The White Ladies' a sketch of which I published a while ago...this theme inspires me... I also have a well formed concept gained on one of my walking sessions a week or two ago.I need to develop it more in the sketch book. I also have a rather exciting commercial commission to produce before Christmas...I'll tell you more when I can, but it's a book cover!

I'm also currently working on an explanation of the symbols and meaning of 'Three Graces' which I finished on Thursday.It's taking longer than I thought because it's more complicated than I thought! Rest assured, i'll let you know when it's done. For the time being however. I hope your weekend where ever you are is without trouble and finds us all ready for the challenges of what ever awaits us in the week to come.

Blessings and peace to you....Niall. x


Devil Mood said...

Niall, congratulations on finishing the Three Graces, first of all.
Good to hear about your leisurely weekend, I think that's how most of them should be spent.
A book cover - so exciting!

Niall young said... is exciting.When I get permission, I'll tell you all about it!

J. Kwiatkowski said...

It sounds like a full plate. Of course, with your new phone it will be hard to get things done, or so I'm told.