Monday, October 04, 2010

Three Graces - 86 Exhibition day 3

The drive to the gallery today was wonderful. Mist clung to many of the valleys. I have a 17 mile drive up through the Derwent Valley..trees are beginning to turn golden, yellow and red and it's frustrating that it's so difficult to stop safely to take some photos. I'll try to do this if I can leave early one morning. I have a very lovely place to sit and work in the gallery where I can greet visitors , talk about my work and demonstrate the technique. I actually only had only 15 visitors and sold one small print...but as always some stimulating conversations.


Duncan said...

Hi Niall - we met on Saturday when I called around at the Mill. I live in Cromford and have also used the Mill for exhibitions. The mist today was fantastic and good to see the progress you're making.

Devil Mood said...

I'm sure there are some wonderful road sceneries there :)