Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Three Graces - 88 Exhibition day 5

Still not finished. spent a good amount of time talking to some very interesting visitors. It is a great privilege sometimes to talk to individuals who are not only interested in my work but are also knowledgeable about art in general. One such couple were so encouraging and interested, I'll hopefully be keeping in touch with as they left me feeling understood and valued.
Above you can see me nearing the end. The last act of any picture I create is to dot around my pencil signed autograph, then when I've reached the finish, I erase the pencil leaving the signature clearly visible. I still want to add more texture to the lamb's fleece. I will also work on Tennis girl's hair and hair band. Then I'll be just about done. This will happen tomorrow which will also be my last full day of exhibition this year!


Devil Mood said...

Ah, how fitting that it should end with the exhibition ending too. I love when things turn out that way. :)