Thursday, October 07, 2010

Three Graces - finished!

Three Graces 2010
61.2 x 45.5 cm
335 hours 5 Mins!

Well here we are, begun earlier this year in April, the finished three Graces is ready to be framed. This is probably my most personal piece yet with many hidden messages and meanings. If you'd like a written explanation, I might prepare an email that I can send you, let me know if you're interested!

 My current exhibition is now at it's end.It's been a relatively quite week and has been part of a learning experience. Once again people are more interested in my more surreal pictures of which there are no prints available. I have therefore once again failed to break even with my finances.

I shall return to the gallery tomorrow to take my work down, then enjoy a couple of days relaxing.I need to seek inspiration for the next piece. I have a handful of ideas all jostling for first place, but so far I am not fully convinced of the one I want to commit time to. One thing I am sure of is that i'll stick to a smaller sized composition next! I'll write more about the ideas I have next time. until then, thank you for your continued patience these last few months...and I'd like to mention how important all your comments have been in keeping me focused on completion.

Below are a few closer shots of the finished 'Three Graces' all the images are copyright to me and are not to be reproduced for any reason without my written consent.


Jeanette said...

Congratulations on completing the Three Graces. I know its taken time and sweat equity to get there but its oh so worth it.

What a fabulous piece! And if you're in sharing mode, I would love to know the meaning behind the images.

Enjoy your little break, sending inspirational thoughts your way for the next piece.

Niall young said...

Jeanette...I'll put something together, I'm off to bed shortly, so it will have to wait till tomorrow.But thank you for possitivity throughout!

Gayle Mason said...

Niall, I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey that has been the creation of the Three Graces.

It is a stunning piece, one that I can revisit and see something new each time.

Like Jeanette I'd like to know more about the meaning of the elements that make the piece.

I hope inspiration strikes soon as I can't wait to share your next creative journey.

Kay said...

Phenomenal Niall, It's a visual banquet. Absolutely Stunning, can't wait to see the real thing sometime.

Bob-kat said...

It's been a while but it seems I popped by just to see another incredible work of art completed. I'm sorry that your exhibition did not make as much as hoped. It is such a shame as you are such a talented artist. Have you thought about filming doing your work and editing it together as a short video for You Tube? Just a thought. Kind of like a stop motion.

Just read back through some of your old posts and was wondering how the kittens were doing?

Leovi said...

Wonderful illustration

Niall young said...

Gayle...Thank you for your lovely comments. I like to produce pictures that tell a story.I'm working on a piece of writting which I'll email you and Jeanette when it's finished!

Leovi...Gracias! :-)

Anish said...

Hi Niall,

I have been following your blog from past some time, i love the way you post every day about the progress you had in Three Graces.
Cheers on completing.


Sue said...

Hey Niall...
I hadn't taken the time to really absorb this work of yours until just today... It's really amazing! I don't know what symbolism you had in mind when you created it, but I certainly have my own ideas. Great work!